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Factory/Custom Refurbishment

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Refurbishment Services available


Services offered- Blasting, Dipping,Diamond Cutting, Weld Repairs, buckles repairs, customisation, specific manufacture paint codes, 3 piece Alloy rebuilding

Working with external suppliers we can offer the full package of services required to refurbish your alloys no matter what condition they are in.

Alloys can be sourced and customised to your specific specification with guidance and support available to ensure the wheels your ordering are the correct fitment for your car. 

We offer shipping to 240 destinations worldwide with shipping rates starting from UK £47.99, EU Mainland £89.99, ROI £59.99 NIRL £29.99.

Secure payments via Stripe and Paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: REFURBISHMENT PRICES CAN VARY FROM £129 - £1000+ Depending upon the quality of the refurbishment required and the level of other work required to the alloys - For example:

  1. Basic refurb to include faces sanded and repainted with kerbing filled £129+

  2. Alloys acid stripped and full refurbished £289+

  3. Split wheels stripped, broken down, refurbished and rebuilt  £479+

  4. High value classic rims requiring special polishing £649 +

  5. Diamond cutting Service £699 

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